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Health and Social Care

CareShield provide training solutions to the Health and Social Care Sector, including: 

  • Cutting-edge learning portals
  • Online training courses
  • Classroom training workshops
  • Apprenticeships
  • Workforce development consultancy

We offer training suitable for every member of the Health and Social Care workforce including support staff, carers, nurses and GPs. In order to offer better service to our customers we collaborate with Health and Social Care industry partners including LloydsPharmacy. We are also aligned with Skills For Health and the national regulatory bodies.

CareShield have over a decade of experience in delivering Health and Social Care training, meaning we understand the needs of our clients. This knowledge in turn inspires our product development and support.

CareShield training programmes are designed to ensure your workers move swiftly from compliance to competence and into excellence. We understand that your investment must translate in to higher standards of care for your clients and patients. Improving quality of care drives us to make our products and services better every day.

We collaborate with Subject Matter Experts to develop and continually update our products. Our customer focused, learner-centred approach to training means that our solutions constantly evolve to meet the changing demands of the sector.